Materials and Curriculum

California Children’s Power Play! Campaign (grades 4-6): is a public health initiative led by the California Department of Public Health and administered by the Public Health Institute. Its purpose is to motivate and empower California’s 9- to 11-year-old children to eat 3 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. These objectives are designed to improve children’s short-term health and reduce their long-term risk of chronic diseases, especially cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Children’s Power Play! is currently funded by the USDA Food Stamp Program to target children from food stamp eligible families. For more information:

Do More Watch Less! (grades 5-8): is a toolkit for afterschool programs and youth serving organizations to encourage tweens (ages 10-14) to incorporate more screen-free activities into their lives while reducing the time they spend watching TV, surfing the internet, and playing video games.  Developed by the California Obesity Prevention Initiative, California Department of Public Health. This toolkit was field tested with, and designed specifically for tweens. For a hardcopy on PDF file, please check:

Eat Fit (grades 6-12): is a goal oriented intervention that challenges adolescents to improve their eating and fitness choices. This nine-lesson curriculum provides hands-on activities that teach students the skills they need to meet their goals. It is behaviorally focused and thus includes activities that help students to gain the insight and awareness required to change their current food related behaviors. For more information:

Exploring the Food Guide Pyramid with Professor Popcorn (grades 1-6): There are five lessons for each grade, where each grade examines the common themes of exploring the Food Guide Pyramid through the food groups, learning about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and learning the Fight BAC! concepts of clean, separate, cook, and chill. It’s also important to note that physical activity is included in each lesson. For more information:

Food Pyramid Creative Pockets for Educators (grades K-2): A learning tool for children ages 2 to 10 that gives the important nutritional message of eating right & being fit. Each apron comes with 17 Activity Cards with over 75 nutrition-based activities. For more information:

Jump into Food and Fitness (grades 3-5): researched-based curriculum for adults and older teens to use with kids aged 8 to 11. “Jiff the Joey” sets the stage for each of the seven “Kangaroo Jumps” or sessions in JIFF. Fun Nutrition, physical fitness and food safety learning activities are integrated into the program, which uses the Kid’s Activity Pyramid and the Food Guide Pyramid. For more information:

Media Smart Youth (Grades 6-9): is not a weight loss program, but rather is a health promotion program. It helps young people become critical, creative thinkers. Media-Smart Youth teaches them to analyze, evaluate, and create media messages–skills that can help them make smart and positive choices about nutrition and physical activity every day. Media Smart Youth is an interactive after-school education program for young people ages 11 to 13. It is designed to help teach them about the complex media world around them, and how it can affect their health–especially in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. For more information:

Nutrition Explorations (grade 2): teaches children about good nutrition using fun, interactive activities. For more information:

The Power of Choice: Helping Youth Make Healthy Eating and Fitness Decisions (Grades 7-12): was developed by HHS’ Food and Drug Administration and USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. It is intended for after-school program leaders working with young adolescents. Everything you need to know is in the Leaders’ Guide, including most activity materials. It’s full of quick, simple things to do with kids; many activities take little or no pre-planning. A CD containing 10 interactive sessions based on six posters. Included in the Leader’s Guide are a recipe booklet, parent letter, and Nutrition Facts cards. For more information:

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