Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is great time to be thankful for nature and remember to protect our environment. This video provide some great ways that everyone (even kids!) can reuse, recycle, and conserve resources regularly.

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“Is my preschooler healthy?”

Visiting your pediatrician for regular checkups is beneficial for monitoring your child’s health. Make the most of your doctor’s visits by asking specific questions regarding your child’s health.

Unsure of what to ask? The American Academy of Pediatrics provides some great questions to think about before visiting your pediatrician. The questions include information on eating habits, activity level, and other obstacles. Check out more information at healthychildren.org.

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Kitchen Kids

Cooking may be something you are used to doing alone, especially when cooking for children. However, this time could be a great opportunity to get your kids involved. Encouraging new things and supporting children in their achievement of simple tasks has positive influences on their development.

kids kitchenYou may be thinking, isn’t my child too young to be helping in the kitchen? However, there are some great tasks that your child will be able to do safely and sufficiently. The USDA provides some great tips on kitchen activities for different ages (2-5 years old).  Some tasks include setting the table, rinsing fruits and vegetables, pouring, measuring, and mixing ingredients together.

Visit choosemyplate.gov for a breakdown on appropriate kitchen activities by age group.


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Healthy Groceries on a Budget

Many people think “I can’t afford to eat healthy”. Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive. However, learning some quick tips can help reduce your spending on grocery trips, while keeping your family healthy.
Full shopping trolley

  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Produce that is in season is
    offered at a lower cost than foods that are not in season.
  • Look for sales and coupons in the newspaper or store ads. If you do not get the paper, you can pick up an ad in-stores, or check out the stores’ online websites for sales.
  • Plan meals ahead and stick to your grocery list. Planning meals along with the weekly sales is a great way to save money.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are not pre-cut or sliced. Fruits and vegetables that are pre-prepared are often more expensive, and could have added preservatives and sugars.

Check out more tips for shopping on a budget at www.choosemyplate.gov.

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Pima Health Rankings and Movement Tips

The county health rankings show that Pima County ranked 6th overall out of the 15 Arizona counties for health outcomes. For physical activity, the data shows that 20% of the population is not active. Many believe their schedules are too busy to exercise. However, you can incorporate activity into your daily routine, and make family time active time. The National Institute of Health (NIH) provides some great tips for families on being active:

  • Check your schedule for available timerandonneurs
  • Find partners to be active with (ex. friends; family)
  • Use the resources you have. You don’t need a gym membership to be active. Many activities can be done in your living room, backyard, in your neighborhood, or a nearby park.
  • Stay motivated! Doing activities with your family can be a fun way to be healthy while spending quality time with your loved ones. Physical activity does not need to be a chore, but can be a fun break to your busy week. Try activity games with the children to increase energy levels and make exercising enjoyable.

More movement tips are available at www.nhlbi.nih.gov

To view the rankings for Arizona counties, visit www.countyhealthrankings.org

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2014 County Health Rankings

On March 26th, the new health rankings and trends per U.S. county will be released. According to the RWJF, the rankings will include information on children in poverty, college attendance, physical inactivity, smoking and preventable hospital stays. There will be a live webcast that day at 12:30pm E.T to discuss the information. To register for the free webcast, please visit http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/blog/county-health-rankings-fifth-anniversary-release-march-26. 

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Fun with Food Safety

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a fun activity book to teach children about food safety. The book has puzzles and games to teach about the processes of cleaning, separating, cooking, and chilling foods.

Check it out at http://foodsafety.adcouncil.org/assets/5/FoodSafety_ActivityBook.pdf 


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