The Family Book Bag Program

What is the Family Book Bag Program?biblogo

Family Book Bag was developed to incorporate nutrition in children’s reading in a family or small group setting. Children in the program learn about nutrition by having food-related themes in the storybooks read to them. Afterwards, the children participate in hands-on food and nutrition activities.  Each lesson is centered around the food groups of MyPlate, family time or meal times and includes an activity, recipes and a Dear Parent Letter. This program not only helps children learn how to make healthy food choices at an early age, but also develop a love for reading with family and friends.

How does the Program Work?

The program provides educators and parents with the necessary tools to engage children in reading age-appropriate storybooks as well as being conscious of their food choices. These resources include the storybooks that the activities will be based on. Pages like Parents Page, Leader’s Guide, Facts Page and Enrichment Activities are also included to further enhance learning.

  • Parents Page: The Parents Page is a resource for parents and allows the parent to know what lesson was taught and what healthy recipes can be made that will go along with the lesson. The Parents Page includes the title of the book read and a small summary about what the book is about. There are also suggestions on books with similar themes that parents can share with their children at home. On the back of the Parents Page are recipes that parents and children can make at home.
  • Leader’s Guide: The Leader’s Guide is for the provider or other educator who is facilitating the activities. This guide includes the objectives of the lessons as well as an outline as to what should be done before, during, and after the lesson. There are also questions that are provided to facilitate discussion among the children.
  • Facts Page: The Facts Page provides extra, fun facts related to the topic of discussion. It will also provide other resources educators  to use to find more information about the topic.
  • Enrichment Activities: Enrichment Activities provides fun activities that will further enhance children’s learning about the topic. These activities will not only encourage physical activity but also engage children to used their newly gained knowledge from the storybooks.

Resources for Providers

Enrichment Activities Tracking Forms

Evaluation Tool

Student Check Out

Lesson Map


Edition 1

Edition 2

Edition 3

Edition 4

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