Grow It, Try It, Like It!

What is Grow It, Try It, Like It! Program?

This program is a garden-themed nutrition program developed for preschool age children. The program introduces new fruits and vegetables and encourages children to explore how these products taste, smell, and feel. The overall goal of this program is to improve children’s lifelong eating and physical activity habits. Children also get the opportunity to practice their skills in a real world setting. Grow It, Try It, Like It! is done in conjunction UA Gardenwith the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Gardening program where children can visit and learn how fruits and vegetables grow.

How does the Program work?

The program includes a kit consisting of seven booklets featuring three fruits and vegetables with fun activities.

The first booklet highlights the developers of the programs and has resources instructors can use to get the most out of the program.

Booklets 2 to 7 are named after the featured fruits and vegetables and will include fun activities, songs, and educational lesson plans for instructors to use in the classrooms.

The BookletsGITILI

Book 1: The Basics

Book 2: Crookneck Squash Row

Book 3: Spinach Lane

Book 4: Sweet Potato Hill

Book 5: Cantaloupe Corner

Book 6: Peach Tree Orchard

Book 7: Strawberry Patch

Each booklet is divided into components and specifies objectives, activities, and materials to be used for each lesson plan. The components are as follows:

Activity Pages: Provides easy-to-read sections that have plenty of helpful tips. Designed to match the developmental abilities of most 3 to 5 year-olds, the activities modify easily to meet children’s skills and abilities.

Objectives: These are the main goal of the activities and are listed at the beginning for easy reference.

Materials: Needed and What to Do Ahead of Time provide a checklist of items needed and helpful hints for organizing time and materials.

Activity Connections to Snack/Mealtime: Adds more tasting options throughout the day. This activity helps grow great tasters. When food tasting is not part of the activity, use these suggests for snack/mealtime as follow-up.

The Ten Terrific Ways to Serve: This resource, located in the Tool Shed, provides flavorful, easy ways to offer the fruits and vegetables through meals and snacks.

Words to Grow: Children grow many different skills and abilities through these units by introducing vocabulary relating to fruits and vegetables.

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