Wellness Policies


Are you enrolled in the EMPOWER program?

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The Empower Pack Program is a nutrition and tobacco free program for childcare centers and after-school programs in Arizona to provide a discounted state licensing rate, with the agreement that centers will adopt more healthy habits with their participants.

 The Empower Pack Program asks that centers follow these standards as participants of the program:

10 Ways to Empower Children to Live Healthy Lives

All of these recommendations should be adapted to meet the needs of children of all ages.

1.     Facilities should encourage physical activities as part of their curriculum by scheduling at least 60 minutes of planned activity (which can be broken up in shorter time periods) per day. Encourage “sun safe” physical activities. 2.     Limit kids’ screen time* to under one hour a day.

3.     Avoid more than 60 minutes of sedentary activity at a time, except while the child is sleeping.

4.     Offer water at least 4 times during the day.

5.     Serve 1% low fat or fat free milk for all children over two years of age.

6.     Serve only 100% percent fruit juice (with no added sugars), and limit kids to (4 ounces) per day.

7.     Serve meals family style** and let the child decide how much to eat. Avoid rewarding good behavior or a clean plate with foods of any kind.

8.     If able, participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. 

9.     Facilities and homes should be totally (24-hour) smoke-free campuses.

10.   All families should receive education and referrals regarding tobacco prevention cessation and second hand smoke at least 4 times per year.


For Information on Applying for the Program, please contact:

Call Child Care Licensing at (602) 364-2539
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., leave message if after hours
Or visit: www.theempowerpack.org