What is the LANA Program?

Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA) is an evidence based curriculum that uses a vegetarian animal puppet to talk to children about eating fruits and vegetables. This fun theme based approach explores subjects including Eating the Alphabet, Vegetarian Animals, Growing Things and much more! Teachers are provided with enrichment activities that reinforce and compliment monthly activities from our  Nutrition Educators.

How does the program work?

Each month, one of our Health and Nutrition Educators will visit your preschool classroom and introduce the children to a new fruit or vegetable. Activities and story time will be conducted with the class that relates to nutrition and physical activity. Each activity is developed to be appropriate for the early learner, meets the state standards for learning, and includes basic concepts of health and nutrition.

We encourage children to be open to tasting and trying new foods. They don’t have to eat all of what they taste and don’t have to like it. And, even though the child might not have liked something last time, they may like it the next time it is introduced.

Adults have a responsibility to model safe and healthy habits to children. This includes their eating habits. Children watch what adults DO as much or more than HEAR what adults say. Actions speak louder than words. Adults need to be open to trying new foods if we expect children to do the same. Positive roles models can help a child overcome their hesitation to try something new. Positive role models can be adults and other children. Some people believe peers may be the most powerful role models for children.

The tasting activities offer an opportunity for children to taste a fruit or vegetable with other children during a fun activity time. The goal is for children to gradually become willing to taste and eat the new fruits and vegetables, even if at first they are only willing to smell and taste a very small amount.

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Current LANA Partners:

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El Rio / Nosotros
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Tucson Urban League- Henry Quinto
Kids First Pima Street
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