Community Tools

Our community’s children must be prepared to enter school ready to learn and succeed, and be engaged in safe, productive activities. 

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is a strong advocate for children and youth within the community and in legislative processes, working in partnership with government and institutions to make lasting systemic changes. United Way strongly supports both Early Childhood Education and Youth Development so that children will make a successful transition to adulthood.  It does this with a focus on improving the quality of early childhood and after school programs, promoting early literacy, increasing access to health and nutrition services, supporting parent education, improving teacher education, increasing the capacity of out-of-school time programs and enhancing community awareness of the importance of quality care and education.

Our health and nutrition activities support both our early childhood and youth development initiatives.  United Way provides nutrition education to child care centers, preschools and after-school programs through the Arizona Nutrition Network. In addition to other funding opportunities, United Way is able to provided professional development training to home, childcare, and afterschool program providers on best practices related to nutrition and physical activity.