Body Image

In our modern world today, the media portrays the idea on how women’s bodies should look. The media promotes the belief that the attractive woman is always lean and that has an impact on many eating habits. Many girls often compare their bodies with celebrities or other girls due to the pressures of society and body image. Adolescent girls can become depressed because they do not look like their favorite superstar or their friends. Celebrities, such as fashion models, actors, actresses, and television journalists, are often touched up or air brushed so that they look perfect. In our society, there has been increasing negative impact due to the images and ideas that the media shows such as eating disorders, poor self esteem, and depression. The media should focus more on healthy lifestyles instead of the perfect body image, and maybe then these negative impacts will start to decrease.  I think that adult mentors should provide teenagers with accurate resources to read about body image issues and concerns. In addition, I think they should encourage teens to become more aware of the stereotypes that are in the media.

-Mecayla Guzman, Age 15

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  1. jacque says:

    love this !

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