Healthy Eating on A Budget

Feeding the entire family is not only time consuming but it can be expensive! The United States Department of Agriculture has created a new website that is designed to empower consumers to make cost-conscious, healthy food choices. The Healthy Eating on a Budget  new web pages offers insightful information in several topic areas including, meal planning, smarter shopping, basic cooking and sample menus. gcart

Below are just some of the exciting offerings you can find on the Healthy Eating on a Budget web pages:

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Healthy 2B Me FREE Summer Camp

The University of Arizona College of Public Health is offering a series of week-long summer camps for children during June and July. The camp will offer activities that are designed to teach public health & wellness, including nutrition, cooking swimming, and dance. Information on eligibility and enrollment are available in the flyer below.

Healthy 2 B Me _2014Flyer (1) (1) Doc4




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Today is Food Revolution Day! A global day of action to keep cooking skills alive!

food revolution day 2014

It’s about celebrating the importance of cooking good food from scratch and raising awareness of how it impacts our health and happiness –everyone should know about food and it starts with getting kids food smart, making cooking fun and inspiring a love of food that will last a lifetime. Food Revolution Day is a campaign by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the UK and USA, and The Good Foundation in Australia. To date, 74 countries have taken part and over 900 ambassadors are championing our cause worldwide.

food revolution day

If you would like to be a part of Food Revolution Day or learn more about its impact, visit:


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Re- think your lunchbox!

bento box


Bento boxes are a fun way to provide balanced, easy to pack meals for your child. And for yourself. If you aren’t already packing a well-balanced lunch for yourself, now is the time to start this healthy habit. Just one Bento box can hold all recommended food groups, it can make simple meals look appealing, and allow children the opportunity to try new foods.

To find out more about Bento boxes and delicious kid and toddler lunch ideas, please visit:

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Happy Screen-Free Week!

Happy Screen-Free Week! May 5th-May 11th encourages individuals to practice a week free of electronic devices, including television, movies, video games, mobile/hand-held devices, and computers except as needed for work and homework.

This celebration was created to encourage people to take a break from digital entertainment and spend more time with family and friends.



“I saw my 9-year-old daughter laying on the floor, just day dreaming. I immediately thought, ‘Oh no, she is bored, maybe she could…’ then I stopped myself and just let her lay there. She wasn’t bored, just deep in thought. We don’t always have to be doing something!”- Kim G., Ivins, UT

To find a Scree-Free event in your area go to:


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Don’t be discouraged if your child is a picky eater

Having a child or family member that is a picky eater can be frustrating but, there is no need to panic. Children have minds of their own and are still learning to touch, smell, lick, or taste new foods. Continuing to offer several health food choices at eat meal is important. It is recommended that parents continue to expose a child to new foods because it may take as long as 20 introductions before a child is willing to try a new food. Don’t give up! Your child is still learning which foods they like and don’t like!

picky eater For tips about how to handle the picky eater in the family visit:

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Experts Say Less Sleep Can Lead To Obesity In Children

You may think the obesity epidemic is due to overeating but it may also relate to lack of sleep. If you are sleep-deprived, your metabolism will not function properly, you may become less active and eat more sugary filled foods to stay awake. A study found that children who sleet less have a higher risk of being overweight. For more information and sleep recommendations check out

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